Skrill casino ukSkrill system is a way to deposit and withdraw finances while being active at online casinos. It may be used either as a basic method of payment or supplementary. We are ready to convey all the important information on that issue. You will get acquainted with reviews of 2018, description and reasons why so many people stop their attention on this payment scheme, enumeration of those Skrill UK casinos, that are available not only to British people but also to other nationalities.

As seen there several ways to organize payments while being a guest in any online casino. Whether you are a whale of the game and confidently take part in real money sessions, you have already faced the choice of methods to pay and to be paid. Skrill is an alternative that is highly popular among both newcomers and experienced visitors. Quite a number of casinos are offering this system as an option to arrange a personal deposit. You can find answers to all your questions below.


The name Skrill appeared only in 2011 although the company was established in 2001. Previously it was named Moneybookers. So this is an electronic system of payments that allows to operate only with the usage of your e-mail. It gives possibilities to pay services and purchase all kinds of goods. Skrill UK is one of the favored ways of payment among mobile casinos. It has become tremendously fast to perform all kinds of transactions thanks to this method. Living in the world of modern technologies and fast information flows, our entertainments shall also be easily accessible, prompt and safe.

Starting from autumn 2014 Skrill Group was managing a campaign on acquiring of Ukash electronic money system. The main reason for this occasion was to popularize Paysafecard payment method and attract as many users as possible. Ukash was completely absorbed by Skrill Group in spring 2015 and starting from this moment officially the name Ukash was reduced to zero. For today’s moment when people search for such word-combination as Ukash casino they find nothing as it is a non-existent inquiry.


Depositing money with the help of Skrill services is unbelievably easy. It is not a hard task even if you are an unexperienced gambler in a new casino game. To become a user of Skrill UK deposit, which is required if you play for real cash, you take a pair of obvious steps. Sign up to the system, that will request your email address and some standard personal information. When the account is ready you may use any possible method to upload a sum of money, for example a credit card.

Proceeding to the casino website you will have to pick Skrill in the listed options of payment sources. The operation is so easy that all you will be requested is your email (which was used for Skrill account). Decide on the amount of money that shall be deposited. It will never take long, approximately several seconds and the transaction is done. Now you are using your Skrill casino account and are free to join those games which are waiting for you.


It is hard to believe that now you can withdraw your money in a so simple way! With Skrill service you are offered one of the most rapid ways to deposit and then to withdraw your funds. Your email address will be the only and chief information for these operations. After typing it, please select the amount to cash out.


Fortunately, this tremendous service covers the whole world. The quantity of Skrill restricted countries is really very small, especially if we start comparing the coverage area of other financial services. For the enumeration of Skrill restricted countries please see information below.


From all the possible offers on the market we consider Skrill one of the top-rated systems. There are several convincing reasons for that:

  • Only one e-wallet will cover your gambling in several online casinos. Isn’t it wonderful? Of course it is! As Skrill services are attached to the most famous casinos with really high reputation, there is absolutely no need in several wallets. That is a real advantage whether you are a newcomer of the gaming world or a mature player.
  • Don’t be afraid to try using electronic payments for the first time. With Skrill you will never get lost. Easy and fast operations will help you save your precious time.
  • Whether you are looking for mobility and love using your smartphone or tablet, you will definitely estimate 1-Tap system, represented by Skrill. A perfect solution for creating your gaming deposit that doesn’t require much time and provides safety.


First of all, this company owns all the necessary legal documents and licenses which makes the provider an authorized performer of money transfers activities. Secondly, it is always people’s opinions that really matter. With modern availability of all information it is impossible to hide something if something is wrong, all the reviews give only positive and affirmative descriptions regarding Skrill services. Private data and customers’ funds undoubtedly stay safe and secret. Whether you choose to join reliable casinos represented in our chart above, you shall never come across any difficult situation.


When you wish to transfer money to another email or account the fee of 1.9% shall be taken. But this is probably the only occasion, because whenever operations you make with the e-wallet of Skrill service, there shall be no fees commissioned. If you love shopping online and pay some services and of course what is the most important point for us, you can set up your deposit for those casinos that are favored by you.


Whether you check the chart above, you will find those casinos that are considered to be leaders in the gaming world. Golden Tiger, 888 Casino, 32Red, Zodiac Casino, and other specified items are approved and safe gaming clubs where you may lose yourself playing any game from a varied spectrum. All of them propose Skrill as an available payment alternative. UK citizens and representatives of other countries mostly often decide to join these particular casinos.


  • Afghanistan;
  • Cuba;
  • Eritrea;
  • Iran;
  • Iraq;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Libya;
  • North Korea;
  • North Sudan;
  • South Sudan;
  • Syria

These countries for today’s moment have prohibited the usage of Skrill e-wallet services for different reasons. But the majority countries of the world accept such payment source that welcomes their customers and offers best solutions for money transfers.

Although China and the United States of America do not allow creating gaming casino deposits. There are limitations for Skrill using. Since 2016 Russia has banned such payment method as well.

We hope that there are no more questions after you have read all the presented information. Now your road to the winnings has become much more convenient and fast. You open your account pick Skrill as the main method to pay when depositing and making withdrawal operations.  Now you can feel free to drawn in the variety of suggested games and hit the finest jackpot!