real money casinoThe reasons why people like gambling games are really different. Some play for creating the source of additional income, others are vice versa decide to play in case of boredom and see gaming as a source of recreation. One of the opinions existing on this account is that people are scared to play for real money. Of course, this situation has the right to exist, but where do these fears come from? In this article you can find information on that issue and find answers to most popular questions. Nevertheless, the majority of users stay positive regarding real money gambling sites. Internet today has opened unlimited opportunities to do whatever you want and entertainment is one of the most vivid options for everyone, why not use these opportunities to your personal advantage? Being a resident of Britain for example, you may pick any online casinos UK offers and test your luck!

Statistic is a source you can trust, because numbers do not lie. In 2016 worldwide market of gambling online was estimated in $44 billion. It is expected to grow up to $81 billion in 2022. It is clear that if the numbers grow, there is a huge demand. People prefer online casino games for real money without fears or hesitations. They feel secure investing their earnings into games. As we know, positive thinking always brings positive results, that’s why do not disturb your thoughts with anything else except for the jackpot, that you hit!

Before entering real money gambling sites, please look through everything that concerns this topic: reviews, advantages, requirements and so on. We are glad to provide you with everything that will enrich your knowledge, will help to raise your experience and skills.


Security is probably the most sensible subject. Each top-rated casino must possess a license. And this is the thing you always have to pay attention to. To get permitting documents one needs to undergo a licensing procedure under the control of a few jurisdictions like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney etc… that totally ensure player’s protection and represent the finest regulation standard.

The next thing we check when concluding a review of real money gambling sites is how to deposit your assets. The methods are varied. Please notify the most appropriate alternative for your location. You can use any of the below mentioned options:

  • credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa);
  • bitcoins
  • Paysafecard and Neosurf (prepaid cards);
  • wire transfers
  • Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Boku, Pay by Phone, Pay for it (e-Wallets)

The mechanisms of depositing are different and anyone can pick the perfect solution for them. Even if your place of residence doesn’t allow some of them you can always find the alternative or turn to support service for assistance.

Some questionable situations may arise regarding the period which players have to wait before they can get winnings into their hands. Normally, several days’ period is quite satisfactory. But very often it may take some longer time and these periods are likely to be radically different. First of all, it depends on the casino itself, cashing out policy, security system and like that. Secondly, on the chosen or applicable for your country way of withdrawal.

Heavy gamblers know that there are some other small features making the whole impression of the casino. Depositing system and security regulations are on top but point out not such obvious items that will create the basis for your trust.

Giving an example, possible to mention those bonuses that may be accrued to your balance when registering. Various casinos give away different amount and different type of them. So, regular visitors would rather spend some time and compare where it is more profitable for them to sign up.

When creating a product, it is very important to understand precisely who may be the targeted public. Rating produces use maximum of modern resources to develop finest online casino games for real money. People from 20 to 30 years old are the regular customers so their tastes and opinions are mostly considered when designing new item or developing performance. That’s why mobile-friendly versions have already become a must of modern gaming. They are especially usable when youngsters of today wish to play and stay on the way without the need to be attached to a PC.

To have a truly inviting image, high-rated casinos work on the basis of most excellent software represented on the today’s market. Graphics quality, display colors, sound effects really matter for a lot of people, because we all want to use and enjoy only best things that we can afford.

Enormous quantity of best online casinos for real money are shown for you at one click whenever you open your browser and search for the game. And of course you are always welcome to have a look at the enumeration of top venues which are presented here.

It is a well-known fact that nobody likes to wait long. Modern generation especially cares for time management and financial stability. Regarding this point, the issue of getting cash from the winnings is very often may become a decisive factor when choosing a casino.


it is quite a task to excite or surprise a modern person with anything. We live in the world of fast travelling information and every single day we see and read hundreds of eye-catching news, stories, advertisings. We became accustomed to this. And the first thing we want to get from the game – emotions. Excitement and thrilling intensity in combination with real money winnings is what we need.

With only one click your luck may bring you jackpot. In comparison with ordinary casinos, where crowds of people do not let you concentrate, you can find no place at the table or may be interrupted, online gambling venues are a perfect alternative to stay comfortably at home and think carefully of all the actions you make. Sitting on your sofa, you are not pressed by all that noise and strangers looking at you, that you may perfect your gaming approach and “win this race”.

No necessity to move out of the house. Convenience and mobility are available nowadays for all the players. Stay in your most convenient clothes, take any position you like, even lying in the bed you are still in the game, isn’t it wonderful? Yes, it is!


To enter the game and begin your actions there are some stages you need to follow:

The first thing to do, as we recommend. Is to check whether the online casino is secure for you.

Then you are expected to sign up or sign in if the account is already created.

Pick the depositing approach that is acceptable for your country and trusted by you.

Pay attention to welcome awards.

Look through all games and elect the one for you. Start your game of chance and good luck!


Rigged or fair? What are the guarantees while Gambling Online?

Let’s see what differs virtual casinos from actual casinos placed in building structures. In an actual casino you can examine what’s going on and make bets by your own hand. Online casinos are deprived of such opportunities and you can’t see the strategy of play was programmed by developers. This fact makes you think you could be defrauded during gambling on internet for real money. It would be clever to check the RTP (Return to Player) section of the game before you start to play a gambling game in a certain casino for real money. Along with that you have to know about organization named eCOGRA. This agency is responsible for testing and regulation of gambling industry, certification of online gambling software etc. So if you find the seal of eCOGRA on an online casino site you can play for real money with confidence.

What stands for RTP?

RTP (return to player), or discharge ratio, is a quantity of money gambler receives from a real money casino. RTP is inverse to the term “house edge”. The house edge is a percentage representing the gambling gain over the player in a certain game. If your wedge is 100 £ and house edge is 5%, you lose 5 £ and RTP is 95 £. But this index may vary in no particular order so you never know what your advantage will be. There are some testing organizations in the world. Among others there are eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing (TST). They regulate and monitor without limitation the discharge ratio of internet casinos.

Which currencies are available?

Whether you play in casinos for real money, you are allowed to use different currency:

EUR is chosen more often that other options because online gambling of EU is really popular;

USD is on the second place today as in 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was accepted and moved this currency from the first line;

GBP is used in more than a half of all the casinos. As far as in the UK gambling online is officially authorized and Gambling Commission provides special licensing documents, you may easily choose this currency if it suits you.

AUD may also be chosen being quite popular in interactive casinos;

CAD may be the option as well.

Is it save to play in online casinos?

Those online casinos that have been licensed by the relevant representative office are required to have a special account in the bank. This is the account on which the money from the gamers come. In the event that the casino is not in a position to pay its debts, the money will come from this secure account.

it is also important that to protect their bank account, licensed casinos use a 128-standard of encryption that provides security on a technical level.

What problems can occur when making a deposit?

Firstly, if you face any problematic situation creating your deposit, it is advisable to checkup whether the used card is open for transfers online. Then, please make sure the balance of your card is positive. Some banks may diminish money amounts allowed for transfers to online casinos so in this case send smaller sums of money.

Another possible situation is that there are some limits made by casinos themselves. If you want to make a big deposit but you find it impossible, try sending several payments.

The fastest and easiest way to create a deposit is to operate with any appropriate electronic wallet. It will not take such long time to transfer money though the bank and so on. Your deposit will be enabled right now.

And of course, you can always turn to casinos assistance service which is available 24\7. Best rated casino sites provide such support for their customers. Do not worry about language barrier, online assistance is provided in different languages. It is possible to reach operators via your email or phone.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

You are suggested to pick from several options when you need to withdraw your cash. Best online casinos provide most popular services. The opportunities are:

Electronic wallets, for example: Neteller, PayPal and Skrill

Credit card. Better to prefer Visa, because Mastercard forbids winnings withdrawal procedures.

Services of money transfer. This option is the only possible in the US that’s why it is very popular.

Notice that you will provide your banking information to the casino you are playing at, that’s why you have to be sure and trust the site you have chosen.

How much time does it take to withdraw cash?

The longest way to cash out from your casino service will take 5 to 10 days. It is wire transaction.

Almost a week will be needed when use your credit card. This way is recognized as being the safest. It is controlled by the banking service which you are using.

The fastest way will take 2-3 days. This may be done by electronic wallets.

What size of tax is to be paid from money I won in the casino?

For different countries the situation is distinct. If you are a professional gambler in the UK and this information can be evidenced, then you have to pay taxes from your winnings in real money casinos. If you play games of chance on internet you don’t need to pay taxes at all. In that case the UK government raises taxes directly from virtual casino operators. In the US the state of things is contrary. You have to inform tax service about your winnings to pay charges and reflect all you receipts. But the point is that playing in online casinos for real money in Canada, United States or in Britain you have a huge chance to win a mint of money! So don’t give up! Maybe you are the next billionaire!