Everyone knows the name Mastercard and everyone understands the meaning of this word. So, Mastercard is an American invention in the sphere of finances. The name itself was stylized from Mastercard Incorporation and represents financial services that have become multinational. You may also meet the name Mastercard Worldwide but it means the same. For today’s moment around twenty-two thousand financial establishments are united by the same activity and together create Mastercard business in more than 200 countries of the world. Whether you are still not aware of the benefits and structure of this system over here you may find all the basic information regarding functionality of Mastercard services. Also on this very page you may look through the chart of quality Mastercard casinos and enjoy the game in any of them.


It was 1966 when several banks of California fused together. The name of this combination is the Interbank Card Association (ICA). This group created “Master Charge: The Interbank Card”. The card became more popular in 1969 after merging with Everything Card, product of First National City Bank. The year of 1968 was full of onward events: the union with Banco Nacional (Mexico) originated, European market promotion took place, cooperation with Eurocard was achieved, and collaboration with Japanese banks had begun.

In 1979 name “Master Charge” was switched to “MasterCard”. The organization was proceeded spreading all over the world. The USSR started emission of MasterCard cards in 1988. Later on the company was named MasterCard International and in 2006 it became a MasterCard Worldwide. Nowadays MasterCard is concentrating on developing of mobile contactless payments program, implementing a mobile wallet features and so on. In 2016 MasterCard underwent a rebranding and acquainted a new logo, also the name was changed to “mastercard”.


If you open online page with a certain casino and come to play for real money you would set a deposit. Those customers who play in online casino clubs for some time already, know the procedure quite well. Whether you are ready to start your deposit you will be offered to select the method of paying. Mastercard is one of the options, going usually together with a strong competitor – Visa. Probably Visa has a wider popularity but nevertheless Mastercard stands on its own feet. Setting the first deposit in an online casino you are suggested to apply any debit or credit card. The payment in such a way will be direct and immediate. And as any usual registration, like in an online shop for example, you will have to load your private standard information. Depositing in a casino requires:

  • Name of the user;
  • Card number – those sixteen digits written on the card;
  • Validity period;
  • Security code (if necessary);
  • Proving your financial transactions, you will need your passport copy, receipt or plastic card.

The last mentioned point is requested only when you register for the first time. The next visits to online gambling clubs will be without detailed requests from you. The only thing to enter is your name as a person who owns the card. Whether the balance of your card account equals the amount of desired deposit you will not face any hardships while making transactions. In case if the numbers are not equal, you may have to pay commission for conversion. If you get into such unprofitable situation, you had better search for another payment alternative.

Having tried several different payment methods we are sure you may definitely give high estimation to Mastercard service as the benefits are really distinct:

  • So many online casinos offer Mastercard in the list of paying options that you do not have to leave the desired casino and search for another as you own a Mastercard and it is worldwide.
  • Simplicity and convenience multiplied by safety is a perfect formula, isn’t it? This is exactly what modern world with fast life needs. The convenience is obvious, you only hold a card in your hands and simply enter the data. As Mastercard has high reputation and long proved by time experience of operation the level of security that is provided to its users is extremely high as well.
  • Great possibility is given to you if you use Mastercard as a primary payment method. You are allowed to play with huge deposits. You are not limited in the amount of money you decide to gamble for.
  • The service provides deposit and withdraw operations with the help of Mastercard and your mobile device. No third parties involved.


According to the rules of Mastercard policy the player of online casino is not allowed to receive the winnings from gambling games on the card directly. Finances are transferred to the bank account of a user straightforwardly. This action will probably take some time. We also would like to remind you about additional commissions like casino winnings’ taxes and satellite fee for withdrawal operations. If you are an inexperienced customer, please do not forget about all this information in order not to be caught on the hop.

The corporation strictly monitors maintaining the level of reputation at the proper level and works with superior software providers. As safety is one of the most valuable criteria, security system is nearly bulletproof, if we can say so in such situation. Mastercard claims to have practically 100 percent safe protection of user’s personal data. But, being on the safe side is never a mistake and we highly recommend to read and acknowledge the regulations of all financial operations that were announced directly by the online casino. You may find them on their web-site. Whether this information is not stipulated or written in a non-understandable manner with vaguely described fees and commissions we don no advice continue using this web-site. We offer the opportunity to choose any approved gaming club from the list above on this page. When the information is provided in a correct manner and you are ready to play the last step is to verify withdrawal methods as they may differ from casino to casino. Quality online casino sites suggest you to turn to their customer service department where you may be answered 24/7.


There are several valuable products of Mastercard Incorporated that have been developed by the company:

  • Mondex;
  • Mastercard;
  • Mastercard Electronic;
  • Cirrus;
  • Maestro.

We would like to pay attention to the first point of this enumeration. Mondex is a separate from Mastercard, self-acting system of payments that was developed by several British banks and has become one of the leading services on today’s market. In the majority of cases it is being used in Europe and Asia. Mondex has been functioning under the name of Mastercard International since 2001 and has reached highest granted security-level classification.

The performance of this system is built on the application of smart cards that keep virtual information as real storing device. The chip on the card saves the electronic wallet and cash data. Mondex system was issued as an easy way to pay small amounts of money via card as payments for parking, buses, tickets, etc. But of course it is never a limitation as it has grown to the world wide popularity. Nowadays as we practically can’t live without internet services we are eager to use in our everyday life such conveniences that make our life easier but stay secure at the same time. We purchase in online shops, order deliveries and services which we also pay online and exactly for such operations Mondex system offers us its product. The part which is mostly interesting for us is payments in interactive casinos. This possibility is provided by Mondex to gambling admirers.

Great feature of Mondex cards is a multiple currencies denomination. Up to 5 accounts in 5 currencies by only one card may be opened. You always can monitor your card via phone. You also may hold card-to-card transactions. And of course we came to the point of security. Along with Mastercard, the level of safety is very high and all the data is well protected. Unique PIN codes are assigned to every smart card. All the data is transferred with encrypted protocols and furthermore, every card holder can create special digit pattern that will disable your electronic wallet whether this is necessary.